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Students' Oral Performances with Teacher's feedback - Speaking - Skills

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C1, 2016-17 (Y6 in Andalucía)

bullet Balanced Diets listen! (mp3) / transcript word (1 p.), by Cristina B - November 2016

In Spain, state-run language schools (EOI's) have standardized their Certificates to match the European levels called the CEF, the Common European Framework. However, as EOI's have been demoted -- they used to certify a non-standardized C1 level -- the real situation in the classrooms is that Intermedio 2 courses in Autonomous Communities where it's 6 years, a B1 European level or "Intermediate", generally use Upper Intermediate textbooks, this is to say B2 level textbooks. Similarly, Avanzado 2 students, who take a B2 CEF examination at the end of their course in June, use an Advanced level or C1 level textbook! Consequently, most students who are able to follow their courses pass their Certificate exams at the end of the course. The bad thing about this is that their Certificates show they have a lower level than most of them probably have.

The audios are in an mp3 format unless otherwise mentioned

Course 2013-14

Year 5 (Avanzado 2 in Andalucía)

bullet Speed Dating, by Jaceline (Y5) - October 2013
bullet Doing an Exchange, by Allegra (Y5) - November 2013
bullet The First Time I Had to Give First Aid, by JC (Y5) - November 2013
bullet A Traffic Accident: My Life-death Experience, by Mª Jesús (Y5) - November 2013
bullet Working from Home: a First-hand Experience, by Miguel (Y5) + Outline (great example!) - November 2013
bullet Why I would like to be a farmer, by Carmen (Y5) new




Course 2012-13

February-May 2013

Help, dear students: if you listen to any of these and I forgot to mention how long the exercise is and you notice that, please, send me an email or tell me in class! I need to add that piece of info!

Dialogs by Avanzado 2 students

Monologs by Avanzado 2 students

Dialogs by Intermedio 2 students

Monologs by Intermedio 2 students

Beginning of the 2012-13 EOI school year: Intermedio 2 (a CEF B1, or Intermediate level). Speak about someone you love for 2 minutes