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bullet Developing your communicative strategies
bullet Monologues
bullet Dialogues
bullet Practice Speaking Using a Picture
bullet Spelling Aloud! (with audios)
bullet Pronunciation Exercises (with audios)
bullet Reading Aloud/Learning by heart
bullet Use podcast episodes, songs, read-aloud literature, useful language audios

Oral Drilling - Become fluent and accurate!

A drill is a structure, oral drilling means repeating certain structure aloud (changing certain words), so you can use your body's memory to learn the language too.

Here is an example (with audio!): Structure: Want + Sb + To Do Sth - not "want that sb does sth"!!!
Notice how I look for examples changing the subjects and objects and also the tenses. This exercise is crucial to overcome fossilized mistakes. You need to teach your mouth the right path to produce the correct version.

In your weekly Monologue practice at home, in your Oral Work at home or in class, and in your Writing Assignments, identify your fossilized mistakes, and find your own Useful Language and Language Structures to do some Oral Drilling every now and then and, in this way, overcome the problem. Practice monitoring your production (listening to yourself being aware of your use of language), so that you can avoid making a mistake with this structure, or so that you can just fix it right away.

Under construction:

bullet Drilling with Relative clauses Text doc (1 page)- omitting the rel. pron.
bullet Drilling with Relative clauses 2 Text doc (1 page)- omitting the rel. pron.