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Speaking - Communicative Strategies

bullet Check out Valéria's Learning Diary on a Timed Speaking Activity

bullet Check out Useful Language for Conversations/Interactions + Communicative Strategies with audios New!

bullet Developing Communicative Strategies for various scenarios: Questions to help you find scenarios to develop useful language to overcome problems while communicating.

bullet Communicative Strategies: What's the word for...?

bullet Beginning Dialogues

bullet Fighting Silence in the Classroom - Teamwork Problem-Solving Strategies

bullet Oral Textual Awareness & Communicative Strategies + Tips for Speaking Tests

bullet From our Useful Language section, check out this subsection: Useful Language Used in Conversations.

bullet From the check out the audios called "Useful Language". Here is one external link of them.

Check out the Talking People Podcast external link On the right column, look for "Tags". Click on the tag called "communicative strategies" and you will get all the TP Podcast episodes which deal with that!