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Descriptions + Ways of describing nouns worddoc (1 page)

Brainstroming for descriptive texts
Another means of calling forth ideas, particularly for a descriptive essay, is to take each of the senses in turn and see whether it can be fruitful when applied to the subject. The senses are sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.
(From Page 2 of How to Write an Essay/Composition)

Approaches for a descriptive essay
•  24 hours: You could use a time-span as the unifying factor. You could begin your account at dawn, then follow the changing scene throughout the day, ending with nightfall.
•  People: You could concentrate on people, describing each in turn.
•  Activities: Or you could do the same with whatever people are doing.
•  Panorama: Imagine you are taking a panorama photograph of the scene. Begin with a general scene and sweep your camera slowly to end with detailed descriptions.
•  Contrast: You could treat the subject focusing in all the contrasts (more impressionistic).
(From page 3 of How to Write an Essay/Composition)

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