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Texts describing people, objects, places... Film Reviews, Book Reviews, Travel Descriptions, Literary Descriptions...

Film Reviews
Film Reviews Useful Language Examples
Reason for going to see it (moving, award-winning)
Where / when the film is set (Vigo, local bar)
The story (plot) (6 friends...) (don't ruin the ending!)
Positive points about the film(performances, prizes)
[Negative or improvable points]
Who I'd recommend it to
It's directed by...
One of the best films I've seen this year

It's set in...
It tells the story of...
It stars.../Starring...

I was specially impressed by...
It's (certainly) worth seeing.
The film is a bit sentimental.
On the whole, I'd certainly recommend it to...
Mondays in the Sun external link
Directed by Fernando León de Aranoa
Set in the Spanish port city of Vigo, this moving, award-winning film looks at six friends living in the wake of a shipyard closure that has crippled the city and their lives. Middle-aged and unemployed, the group spends their days at a local bar where they reminisce, philosophize, and commiserate about their current state of affairs. Features excellent performances by Javier Bardem, Luis Tosar and José Ángel Egido. Winner of four Goya Awards. Spanish with English subtitles.  113 minutes.
Book Reviews
Book Reviews Examples
Introduction & Title: Preliminary facts
•  What is the title or the name of the work?
•  Any other interesting facts about the work?
•  Who is the author? the genre?

Strengths and/or weaknesses

•  What will you write about concerning that work? Brainstorm extensively and organize the content logically.
•  Use a paragraph to describe the different aspects of the work you are reviewing. Comment some of the issues as you describe them, or describe all of the issues and then comment your points. Be careful: save your general assessment for the conclusion. Your description and comments should lead to your conclusion eventually. This is the key for unity in your text. But the conclusion should be fresh, not a repetition of what has been expressed.
•  Start each paragraph with a topic sentence to identify the issue you will be dealing with. Progress in a logical sequence from point to point (spatial, thematic, chronological organization?).

State your overall critical evaluation. You have already discussed the major points, so now you must make an evaluation of the work or place as a whole. Are ideas or services relevant? Who for ? Why? Does the author achieve his/her purpose? Is the work significant in terms of human knowledge or for any specific group of readers? What is the most important final comment you wish to make? What has reading this work done for you or demonstrated to you?

A very brief book review for a school newspaper.

a review by 2MK

This is a book by Roald Dahl.

This is a story about a little girl who has magical powers. She loves her teacher Miss Honey, but is scared of the Principal Miss Trunchbull.

She uses her powers to get revenge on the dreaded Trunchbull.

It is a very funny story and one of our favourite Roald Dahl books. We would give this book a 10/10 rating, because it is full of funny events and Roald Dahl uses some great adjectives.

By 2MK North Lakes State College.