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Australian and New Zealand Englishes
The vocabularies of Australian and New Zealand Englishes are very similar. Both have been enriched by words and concepts from the hundreds of indigenous languages that pre-dated European settlers, only about 50 of which continue as first languages. The line between formal and informal usage is perhaps less sharply drawn in Australasian English than it is elsewhere: suffixes such as -o and -ie, giving us expressions such as arvo (afternoon), reffo (refugee), and barbie (barbecue), are freely attached to words even in more formal contexts. (From Ask Oxford external link)
Briefly, Australian English follows the British spelling and has different sounds for some of the vowels.

Australian & New Zealand stuff on Talking People
Check out our webpage on Katherine Mansfield, a New Zealand writer
Check out Better than Sex, an Australian movie
There is a wonderful Australian podcast: All in the mind, suggested on the TP Science Podcasts section. Listen external link to its presenter in this episode about Emotions, to the particular "music" of her speech.

TV series, Movies
A New Zealand TV series aired its first season in 2005: Outrageous Fortune external link. If you can't get a copy, there is a US American remake called Scoundrels external link An Australian TV series you might find on TV is the McLeod Daughters external link and an Australian movie you can watch is Crocodile Dundee! external link

Documentaries & Educational Websites
Australia Graffiti - 1h10min
An Educational Website on New Zealand external link (4ºESO) - it's amazing! Check it out! With words from Maori too

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