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bullet Some Fav Songs + bullet River, by James Taylor / Joni Mitchell + bullet Summertime (song) + bullet Moon River, by Audre Hepburn, in Breakfast at Tiffany's - REARRANGE IN A SEPARATE WEB PAGE?

bullet Amy Winehouse
bullet Sheryl Crow - by Denise (AV2, 2008-09)
bullet Carole King (You've Got a Friend - for Básico learners)
bullet Frank Zappa (The Dangerous Kitchen - for Letters from Whytee learners)
bullet Buffy Sainte-Marie
bullet Pink Floyd + listening activity (Upper Intermediate)
bullet Madeleine Peyroux + listening activity (Advanced)
bullet Grease Movie - 3 songs
bullet Dinah Washington
bullet Nina Simone
bullet Rupert Holmes + listening activity (Intermediate, "Escape" - Bewitched)
bullet Police + listening activ. (Interm., "Every Little..."; "Synchronicity" Advanced)
bullet Sinead O'Connor
bullet Rufus Wainwright - suggested by Fran (Y3E, 06-07)
bullet Miles Davis
bullet Stevie Wonder
bullet Ani Difranco + listening activity (Advanced)
bullet Billie Holiday and the story of "Strange Fruit" + reading activity
bullet Marvin Gaye + listening activity (Intermediate)
bullet Suzanne Vega + listening activity (Intermediate)
bullet Tracy Chapman + listening activity (Intermediate) - by Nieves (Y5B, 06-07)
bullet Norah Jones + listening activity (Intermediate)
bullet Corinne Bailey Rae + listening activity (Intermediate)
bullet Neil Young - by Esther (Y5C, 06-07)
bullet Joni Mitchell

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