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Ani Difranco
Ani Difranco

Ani Difranco's Website at RBB external link

At the Talking People Podcast
"Brief Bus Stop", a poem/song by Ani Difranco included in her album "not so soft" (1991)

Would you like to listen to a fine example of why Art is the most powerful tool to reach people?, to transform the world? If you let go, if you "enter" this performance, this song, you'll feel all of its power... Enjoy the trip!
Listening activity on Self-Evident worddoc (2 pages) prepared by michelle, and ideas on more global and specific listening activities you can undertake -- one at a time, please!
Self-Evident (broken link)
If you have questions or comments, use the Talking People forums.

Oral Activity
Y5, December 2006, Discussion on The USA
Group Brainstorming in class about this song/poem.... (You can work on it by yourself at home. And then be surprised of what we can get from group work!)
bullet What is she saying poetically, through metaphor and feeling?
bullet Which social issues is she raising explicitly?

Check out Righteous Babe Records to listen to Ana Difranco's song/poem Self-Evident external link (audio! mp3 and Windows player), from her album So much shouting, so much laughing external link 2001. You'll find the complete lyrics there too.

A YouTube video with Self-evident

More Lyrics and pics?