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Sheryl Crow (USA. 1962)

Sheryl Crow

Denise, have a look at my minor corrections, and then at the blue bit, an addition. I added the "political activist" bit because I think she'd like that mentioned, too. Being a political activist opposing war in the USA is not an easy task! :) But feel free to edit whatever you wish, please, no problem at all. The blue part is just an idea. I can also change the pic if you like!

Sheryl Crow
by Denise (Avanzado 2, 2008-09)

Sheryl Crow is an US American singer, song-writer and musician (as well as a political activist) who was born in Missouri in 1962 and whose music blends pop, rock, country, folk and blues. She had always wanted to become a singer, because her parents, even her grandparents were musicians. That's why she got a degree in Music Composition, Performance and Education in the University of Missouri. After having studied her degree, she started working as a music teacher. She spent all her free time composing her songs and singing in small music clubs. Her first record was released in 1993 and was called Tuesday Night Music Club. Then, she published other records, such as Sheryl Crow, whose single "If it makes you happy" made her win two Grammy Awards. In 1998 she released The Globe Sessions, which was considered the Best Rock Album a year later. In 1999, she published an extraordinary live album, Sheryl Crow & Friends. That album was recorded on the Central Park concert she gave on September the 14th, 1999. She sang with Eric Clapton, Sarah McLachlan and the Dixie Chicks. In the 2000s, she released four studio albums and a Greatest Hits compilation: The Very Best of Sheryl Crow.

About her personal life I can tell you that she has never been married, but had a relationship with the cyclist Lance Armstrong and with Eric Clapton (or, at least, that's what the journalists said). She suffered from breast cancer and, fortunately, got over it. She's just adopted a baby boy, Wyatt, and as she always says, motherhood is the best experience a woman can ever feel.

The song we listened to in class is called "C'mon, c'mon," and it was recorded in 2002, featuring The Corrs. It talks about an ended up relationship and the feelings the characters have after the split-up. Here external link there is a link where you can listen to the song. Hope you enjoy it!

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