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An 175-word book review

Book Review: Therapy
By Paloma (Y5B, 2006-07)

“Therapy” was written by David Lodge and was published in 1995. With this book  Lodge was the regional winner and finalist for the 1996 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize.

The central character, Laurence “Tubby” Passmore, is a successful sitcom writer of fifty-eight years old, with plenty of money, a stable marriage, a platonic mistress, two children, a house near London and a little flat in London, and a flash car. He has all he wants just when he wants it.

The plot is focused on Tubby’s life. We can see how his obsession for a pain in his knee leads him to take on all kinds of therapies, such as physiotherapy, microsurgery, aromatherapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy, acupuncture. But none of them can cure his puzzling pain in the knee or his equally inexplicable mid-life angst.

Only after his trip to Santiago to meet again a love of his youth, does his pain and his angst disappear.

The book is funny and entertaining and it would be a great present for everybody.