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(Updated in the Spring of 2012)

Updates is the section you should check first whenever you visit Talking People, because you'll find out what's new.

FAQ is the very famous Frequently Asked Questions. Send in your questions. I'm behind, but I'll try to copy the questions people make in class about the website and my answers.

How to Use TP
is this section of How to Use this Website, as you have seen.

TP Forums A great resource to practice your English and your communicative skills!!! Register and start posting!

eCampus Part of the ICT issue. An e-learning experimental project which is NOT connected to the courses at our language school, but is an independent project. You can register and take part in the courses.

In Class If you are attending an EOI (state-run language school) and any of the Talking People admins are a teacher of yours, here (or/and at the eCampus) is where you will find info connected to your life in the classroom! The lesson plans, a list of the handouts given out, some news which are actually pinned on the notice board in class, unofficial info on the course... Please read the third questions here.

Your Stuff! Your work, your contributions and relevant info if you want to share your work on this site (Please read it before sending in anything for the site).

Projects Activities which help you get excuses to use your English for personal purposes, in issues of your interest! You can send in your comments and ideas, plus any feedback. You can volunteer to be in charge of any. Just get in touch.

Thanks is the Credits section, where I say thank you to all the adorable earthlings who share their work, their info, their passions with us on this website.

e-mail ReadMe! What you need to know if you wish to send me an e-mail. Please, read before emailing me!!! Also if you wish to subscribe to the free TP Mailing List.

Search Engine If you wish to look for something, you can type one key word, or a couple of words, and you will get the webpages on this website which have information on that subject. The Forum is not included, so if you want to look for something on the forum, go to the forum and use its own Search Engine, which is on the top left side.