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Irish English (not Irish)

Celtic peoplesClarifying some confusing points:

Irish belongs to the Celtic group of Indo-European languages. The Celtic group (yellow areas) includes Breton, Welsh, Irish, Scots Gaelic and Manx.

Irish English, or English belongs to the Germanic group of Indo-European languages. The Germanic group includes Icelandic, Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch, Flemish and English.

(Spanish belong to the Italic group of Indo-European languages. The Italic group includes Romance languages which come from Vulgar Latin, the spoken form of Classical Latin, the literary form. The chief Romance languages are French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and Rumanian.)

Nasa pic of IrelandIreland & Northern IrelandIreland or Eire is a country, where people speak Irish English. Check this out to hear its very own sounds: How to do an Irish accent in English external link (an actor explains how to sound Irish). Compare to what Irish (Gaelic) sounds like in connected speech: Irish

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom or UK.

English words of Irish origin external link, e.g. hooligan or gob (as in "gobsmacked"!)

Unlike US American English and Canadian English, Ireland does not have its own spelling rules. British English spelling is used throughout the island.

See how the Irish language / Gaelic external link sounds! (2 minutes, a weather report). A rare example of a monolingual Irish language speaker external link (BBC documentary on oral tradition in Ireland/Eire)

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