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Indian English
India is a multilingual society. Both English and Hindi are used across the country, but any of them can also be a speaker's first, second, or third language. The grammar of Indian English has many distinguishing features, of which perhaps the best-known are the use of the present continuous tense, as in 'He is having very much of property', and the use of isn't it as a ubiquitous question tag: 'We are meeting tomorrow, isn't it?' (for American Indians, the tag is "enit?", from "ain't it?")

bullet Listen to this student reading out a story he wrote in different accents. Here is the Indian accent external link. Watch his introduction too, where he explains why he is doing all of this. Enjoy!
bullet A Sampling of Indian English Accents - brilliant job!

India on Talking People
Check out the India Oral Presentation by Year 5 (Old system) EOI Goya students. The day they presented this work, we were so engrossed listening to them that the school closed with us in it, watching their slide show in absolute silence! Fortunately, I rushed downstairs, risking my life, and started shouting so that the janitor just locking the door, heard me! And she saved us from a very long weekend starving to death!

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