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Caribbean English
Standard UK English was the linguistic model for the Caribbean, but today it adds up to the import of US American English via television, radio, and tourism. The many varieties of Creole, influenced by West African languages, are also productive. Jamaican Creole is the most widely known.

bullet Listen to different accents in English external link from all over the planet! Amanzing project!
bullet Listen to an amazing talk by an Economist and Musician from Trinidad & Tobago! external link It's got 8 parts, and they are all really interesting! Rocío and Alan even sing! Here is the webpage external link they did at the EOI School for this Oral Presentation.

West Indian English on Talking People
Check out our webpage on Jean Rhys, an amazing writer from Dominica, who wrote, for instance, The Wide Sargasso Sea because she thought the Mrs Rochester (seen as "the mad woman in the attic") created by Charlotte Brönte should have a kinder description, at least of her youth, so we could understand her behavior once taken to the UK.

By Kmusser