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Functional Grammar
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bullet Functional Grammar - What it is
bullet Grammar Teams - reviewing grammar

bullet The Amazing World of Modal Auxiliaries (it includes "will" and "would")

bullet Lexical Creativity Workshoppdf (4 pages) + Prefixes pdf (2 pages) + Suffixes pdf (1 page)
bullet Mistakes by Native Speakers: Ambiguity and Multiplicity in Meaning Text doc (1 page)
bullet Lexical Relations: Some notes on euphemisms and synonyms Text doc (1 page)
bullet Verbs for Essays 01 Text doc (1 page)
bullet Verbs for Essays 02 Text doc (1 page)

bullet Verbs 1 Text doc an introduction on verbs, on the tenses and the non-personal forms
bullet Phrasal verbs (with listening exercises)
bullet Use of tenses: Past simple vs. pres. perf, / Past simple & past cont. Text doc (1 page)
Present perfect or past simple? Text doc (1 page)
bullet Expressing the future
bullet Progressive and non-progressive verbs
bullet V-S inversion with adverbials
bullet Future in the Past Text doc (1 page)
bullet Miscellanea 01 Text doc (1 page) - includes present perfect cont., future cont. ...
bullet Inversions after negative adverbials Text doc (1 page)

bullet Passives 01 + audio

bullet How...? and What ... like? + audio

bullet Clauses 1 - intro, types
bullet Clauses 2 - adverbial clauses
bullet Clauses 3 - some confusing connectors
bullet Clauses 4 - conditional sentences (a type of adverbial clause)
bullet Clauses 5 Text doc (1 page) - relative clauses - Oral Drilling 1 - Audio answers New! at Useful Language - Sentences for your Grammar - Relative clauses: Consolidation
bullet Clauses 6 Text doc (1 page) - relative clauses - Various topics and Oral Drilling 2

bulletUse of Linking Expressions, by michelle Text doc (1 page) (Upper Intermediate, Advanced)
bullet List of Mistakes: Improving your wording and your use of connectors - an example Text doc (1 page) (Upper Intermediate, Advanced)
bullet Useful Linking Expressions by Ana (Intermediate)
bulletConnectors (first draft) Text doc (1 page) - to modify

bullet Infinitives, gerunds and participles 01 - based on common mistakes
bullet Infinitive or Gerund? 1 Check this out: here
bullet Infinitive or Gerund? 2
bullet Infinitive or Gerund? 3
bullet Infinitive or Gerund? 4 Text doc (1 page) + audio

bullet Nouns and Company (Determiners) Text doc (2 pages) - for your List of Mistakes
bullet Other & Co. - explanation, crib note & 2 exercises
bullet The Saxon Genitive, the of-phrase and noun phrases Text doc (1 page)

bullet Modifiers 1-4 - the definite article "the": use & omission

bullet Prepositions: Time & Place. At, On, In (for everybody! Read 'em aloud many times!)

bullet Adverbs: Word Order
bullet Adjective or Adverb (for Ana, who feels good about it!, Y3B, 2006-07)
bullet Ways to Describe & Grammar
bullet Adjectives: Word Order
bullet Adjectives 1 - comparative & superlative Text doc (1 page)
bullet Adjectives 2 - comparative & superlative Text doc (1 page)
bullet Adverbs & Adverbials Text doc (2 pages)
bullet Exercise on Adverbials Text doc (2 pages; with key)

bullet Recycling: Grammar notes & exercises I used at state-run secondary schools

More Info: External Links
bullet The OWL Grammar Reference Guide for ESL learners External Link
bullet Complete list of tenses External Link (Georgia State University)
bullet Complete list of irregular verbs External Link (Georgia State University)
bullet Mary Ansell's English Grammar External Link (Reference on-line book WITH exercises)
bullet BBC Ask About English External Link
bullet The Internet Grammar of English External Link

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