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important Learning to Write

point Textual Analysis 1-3: Introduction (TA01, TA02 & TA03). In TA 02 you'll find a general description of some types of texts, their language & structure, and a selection of links to expand on that.
point How to Write a Composition (Very useful: how to generate ideas and organize them depending on what type of text you need to write; tips for different parts in the text; final exercise)
point Tips for Writing Assignments (Very useful for Writing Tests, too, if you practise: brainstorming for language items)
point How to Improve your Writing (Before & After: Brainstorm & Outline + Proofreading - Proofreading is also a basic procedure for checking exams before handing in)
point The Importance of Beginnings & Endings worddoc (1 page) Check out Exercises - Writing! (for an exercise on opening and closing sentences)
point Using Contractions
point Capitalization, Hyphenation & Dashes
point Avoiding Sexist Language

important Letter-Writing (Semi/Formal and Informal, all kinds of letters: business emails, letters of complaint, application letters, letters to editors...)

important Types of Texts

bullet 2015 Reviews (Books/Movies/Places) More: Descriptive Texts 1 (Theory) & Descriptive Texts 2 (Practice) + Your Stuff! - Texts - Reviews
bullet Proposals - For Background Info for proposals on Alternative Work Arrangements (see The World of Work below)
bullet Reports - Accidents worddoc (2 pages)
bullet Stories: Narratives 1 (Theory) & Narratives 2 (Practice)
bullet Essays, Reasoned Opinions, Pro/Con Texts...: Argumentative Texts
bullet Instructions, How-to texts, Recipes: Instructional Texts 1 (Theory) & Instructional Texts 2 (Practice)
bullet The World of Work: job-application letters, CVs/Resumés, informative articles...
bullet Journalism / The World of Newspapers and News Items (pyramidal structure)
At HotPotatoes you'll find Cloze Tests using some other news items.

important Practice. Exercises. Reading / Writing

importantMacrofunctions are Describing, Narrating, Giving Arguments (in the philosophical sense!)... For microfunctions, see Useful Language - remember there are podcast episodes with some Useful Language for Writing Assignments on the Talking People Podcast.

important Your Texts (Your Stuff!) - examples by students using different kinds of texts

bullet Writing Guides at Englishbiz External Link
bullet OWL Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling External Link
bullet OWL General Writing Concerns
External Link
bullet Writing a Paper External Link
link Writing Basics external link

Rubber Stamp Writing 1

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Wanna help in this section?: The Writing Guideline Project Updated on Dec 8, 2007