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Inversion 1 (Syntax) - Func. Grammar
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Inversion of the Verb after certain adverbials
by michelle

Certain adverbials, mostly with a restrictive or negative sense, can be placed at the beginning of the sentence for emphasis, and are then followed by the inverted (interrogative) form of the verb: Never, seldom, scarcely, ever, no sooner... than..., nowhere, in no circumstances, only then, only when, only in this way, not only, so, neither, nor

I have never before been asked such a question
Never before have I been asked such a question

No sooner had they left the house when the storm broke
Not only were we robbed, they also beat us up!
So neurotic did he become that no one could stand living with him any longer

The adverbs: in, out, up, down, round, over, back, forward, etc. when placed at the beginning of a sentence are followed by V + S when the S is not a pronoun:

In came Joanne
In she came

Up jumped the frog
Up it jumped

Down fell all the contents of my bag!
Down they fell!

Back went my friend again
Back they went again

This is very much used in (children's) story-telling and when we are narrating anecdotes and such. It's very expressive.

Notice I always say in class: Off you go!