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Connectors - Func. Grammar
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Useful Linking Expressions
By Ana Otto (2008)

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Time sequence Listing
When / As soon as / The moment they…       
From early childhood/an early age…
Throughout his adult life
Up to that time
First of all / First / To begin with
Secondly / Second
Then / After (that)
Last but not least
Finally / In short and to conclude / To Sum up
As a conclusion
Adding information/emphasizing a point Giving examples
On top of that/ to cap it all
Besides / Anyway / Anyhow
Moreover / furthermore / In addition
Not only… but also
Above all
For instance / For example / such as
To illustrate this point
Let’s take the example of….
Explaining/Reformulating Contrast
That is to say / In other words
That is / Namely
By / In contrast
On the contrary / Instead
On the one hand / on the other hand
Concession Giving opinions
Although / Even though
However / Nevertheless
In my opinion / view
It seems to me that…
I think/  believe (that)
(Personally) I feel that…