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Infinitives or Gerunds? 1 - Func. Grammar
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Here is a table sorting out some essentials about using the gerund or the infinitive...

Tip for learning all this: jot down in your notebook all the verbs you find most often in your textbook, sorting them out in a table!

Use of... Gerunds Infinitives
as nouns...
Both possible but gerund more common!
Dancing keeps me fit.
No tredding on the grass
To be or not to be...
after prepositions I' m looking forward to seeing you.
He was accused of speeding.
I' m used to waiting.
They're thinking of moving.
Are you interested in learning other languages?
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
There's no point in arguing.
After swimming you feel cold.
Before doing that, think it over!
in tenses with continuous tenses...

present continuous: am/is/are studying
past continuous: was/were studying
present perfect cont.: has/have been studying
past perfect cont.: had been studying
future continuous: will be studying
future perfect continuous: will've been studying
conditional continuous: would be studying
conditional perfect cont.: would've been studying
in simple tenses, after the aux...

present simple: I don't know
past simple: Did you see...?
future simple: Will you come?
after modal verbs eek!!!eek!!!eek!!!eek!!!eek!!! Bare Inf (except full Inf with have to, ought to)
You must read this book! It's great!
I have a copy, please?
verbal phrases Purpose (less common than purpose infinitive):
for + gerund
Purpose infinitive:
I need those keys to get into my house!

With objects
She wants us to listen to audios every day
She told me to go
They told us to stay
Mary advised us to leave
He invited her to go to his place
They convinced our friends to stay
They encouraged him to visit Loch Ness
They forced usto leave our cameras
We hired/rented a car to visit the area

With or without objects: ask, expect, 'd like, want
I want to leave now
I want you to leave now!
I'd like to visit the Prado
I'd like us to visit the Prado today
The teacher expects to pass
The teacher expects us to pass
I asked to speak to Mary
I asked her to give me a copy

There is more on this subject. Check out the Table of contents of Functional Grammar