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Consciousness-raising in Literature & Feminist Activism - OPs by Students - Your Stuff!
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Consciousness-raising in Literature & Feminist Activism (C1, 2015-16)

Working Group's name: Consciousness-raising
Group members: Yolanda H, Marisol, Nines, Eva
Title of the OP: Consciousness-raising
Time needed: -

This OP has 4 parts, addressing different ways in which people help raise awareness, facilitate the development of a feminist intelligence so we can overcome sexism and the traditional patriarchal organization of society. In Part 1 the resource for consciousness-raising is Literature, Parts 2 & 3 deal with how feminism got started and evolved in the USA, highlighting the life and work on a few feminist thinkers, artists & activists. Part 4 focuses on Education and the cross-curricular subject Coeducación (Education for Equality) in Spain, with progressive laws established to assist in overcoming sexism.

Part 1 - Consciousness-raising: A Feminist Writer. Kate Chopin, by Yolanda H. Yolanda shares with us an amazing multimedia power point presentation she prepared, on this important writer and person with a feminist intelligence!


Part 2. Conciousness-raising: Herstory of Feminism: From 1960s till Today, by Marisol. Parting from the reading of bell hook's "Feminism Is for Everybody", Marisol tells us about some feminist thinkers.


Part 3. Consciousness-raising: More on Feminist Struggle, by Nines: bell hooks, CR groups, feminist scholars, June Jordan... How feminists are made. What feminists are like!


Part 4. Consciousness-raising at Schools: Education for Equality (Coeducación), by Eva

Eva wanted to show a video we had run out of time to watch, so we created this webpage so you can watch the video and transcribe it, like Eva did, and then check with her own transcription, which was really good!

  • Dear Dad - a short film (5') to involve men in fighting violence against women

And here is her OP on how teachers work on this cross-curricular subject at school.