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A Wish
by Cristina (Y2, 2005-06)

The street was long and grey. It had white walls and black shadows. That night his soul was black too. He was sad. He stood at the door. She said that she hated him, and he couldn't move a finger. He wanted to tell her, "I love you, please, don't leave me" but he couldn't. Instead he said "I hate you too. Get out and leave me alone!" She was his friend, his secret love, but he was afraid, he didn't want to lose her, and that was exactly what had happened. He was so stupid. The tears fell from his eyes, slowly, slowly. He wanted to run and shout, and finally he did that.

There wasn't a moon, there weren't stars — only fog which made her heart sad. She walked across the city. She ran across the beach. Her feet got wet by the sea. Her knees were licked by the waves. She was out of her mind. She wanted to jump and fall, fall and keep falling. She only wanted to feel the sea, the rocks and the end of her falling.

"Don't jump" said a woman who was looking at her.
"Why? I'm falling, I lost my heart."
"Look for it, then. Look for it and don't jump."
"I can't I'm falling."
"But, he loves you!"

A sound cut the air. The wind brought her name from the beach — her name shouted by him. He was late, he was always late. He fell on his knees, with his heart in his hand. That day he was lucky — it was a magic night. She didn't throw herself into the darkness. She was running to the beach, a white shadow that was losing her fears with every step. She kissed him and words were unnecessary. She looked for the woman but she wasn't there. A long time before that, when she was a child, she had heard that once a year the moon leaves the sky to wait for the sun. Wishing hard, she waits for the sun, for her love, once a year. The moon is the lovers' guide and she always helps us, losing her own chances to meet her loved one because she is cursed — if she speaks to somebody while she's in human appearance she has to return to the sky, and there she keeps waiting for the next opportunity, waiting and asking herself why are people so silly?, why, with all the chances they have to be happy, are they so daft? They are afraid. We are afraid, we are blind and, in the end, we lose the person that we love, the one who loves us.

Every year the moon spares her wish on us. This is only the story of one wish but this could be your story. Tonight, look at the sky, at the moon and think: "Thanks, I'm not afraid because now I know that love hurts but life too."