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A composition about a learning experience
by María Jesús (Y3, 2005-06)

I have to do a text about "Learning experiences" and I decided to write about my experience in learning foreing languages.

Well, Let me tell you: my first contact with a foreing language was at school. I was twelve, when I started studying French.a lot of structures and words. I remember practising during the summer with my French friends. It was great! because fear or shame weren't an obstacle! I could get by in French.

My second contact with a foreing language was when I was twenty-two. I met an Italian boy. Therefore, you can guess.Of course! Learning Italian was so important for me that I picked it up reasonably well. In fact, I know how to use the grammatical structures, vocabulary and pronunciation in an appropriate way; with an acceptable correction and with fluency. I must say that I lived in Milano for about two years. I think it's outside the classroom where a language is learnt well.

Finally, my third contact was eighteen years ago. I wanted to learn English. During two courses I attended a class twice a week. Then, I used to have a lot of time to study. I learnt structures and vocabulary by heart and then, I made up my own sentences; short dialogues but; I didn't use practise listening and speaking activities very often.

Nowadays, I'm trying to learn how to communicate in English again. I want to improve my skills and actually learn English. However, I feel this is really difficult for me, now. I know, should listen and speak English whenever I can. I'm making a harder effort but, I don't have much spare time; and my slow progress makes me feel a bit discouraged.

Now I think, I wish I had met an English boy instead of an Italian boy!!