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The Negative in Western Society through Staind's lyrics
by Miguel Oyarbide (4F, 2004-5)


Staind is the name of band formed in the mid 90's in Springfield, Massachusetts. The music these four guys play could be included in a musical movement called "Post-Grunge." This movement was born some time after Kurt Cobain's suicide (1994), which represented the definitive end of the Grunge era. The new style continued with that depressing vision of our societies through the lyrics but the sound became harder and noisier. When we approach Staind's music we can see a correlation between what the singer is saying and the way the instruments sound, as if everything were trying to create an atmosphere to surround the listener to comprehend the sense of what's being said.

As soon as we start listening Staind's lyrics we can perceive they are full of sadness, usually. The singer tries to communicate not only what he can see but also what he feels when he stares to what is going on out there. All that pain, suffering, free porn, drugs abuse. contrasts with the selfishness and blindness of those who live in a real Welfare State and who never give a shit about what happens out of their "little worlds."

On the other hand, all that negativity is compensated by love, which seems to be the only worthy thing in this world. "But all that shit seems to disappear when I'm with you" summarizes pretty well that idea: in spite everything in this world sucks, love is stronger than it all and helps us to keep going. That's probably the only nice feeling we can listen from this band that tries to awaken a sick society asleep in the emptiness of comfort and apparent welfare through their music. and probably to sell albums and become famous, too.