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Miguel Ángel Rodríguez (Avanzado 2, 2008-2009)

Transsiberian is a film that will catch your attention because of its snowy sceneries and its lively script.

An American couple, Roy an Jessy, are giving a new opportunity to their relationship and decide to travel by train. They meet Carlos and Abby, who are also travelling and giving English lessons for a living. In one of the stops across the journey Roy can't get on the train again because he has been spending his time looking at old train machines at that station. Therefore Roy will have to wait for another one. This is the point where the film becomes a thriller.
The actors give good performances, especially Eduardo Noriega, who is very good at playing baddies, and Woody Harrelson, who gives a naïve performance as Roy.

The glamorous days of the Transsiberian have passed. It is not a luxury train anymore. It is rather uncomfortable and even somewhere where you meet strange fellow passengers.

In my opinion the director has been able to create a gloomy atmosphere which contrasts with the bright landscapes that you will discover along the trip. His approach to the people who the main characters find in their journey is also interesting – we see them through the camera of Roy´s wife, who gives us excellent photographs showing what people are like and telling us about their lives.

Although the plot is a bit confusing, it is worth watching. From the beginning to the end, an exotic and non-stop story will give you an entertaining afternoon at the cinema.