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The Green Mile
by Vera Lucía Rodrigues (Avanzado 2, 2009-10)

This beautiful and crude view of magic and miracles is one of the best films of the twentieth century so far. It is an adaptation from the book written by Stephen King, and there is no doubt that it is a true masterpiece.

In my opinion, the performance is stunning and the plot is amazing although the story is a bit unfair as well, which makes certainly you feel frustration and sadness, causing you to have a lump in your throat.

This gripping film shows us the inner relationship between guardians and prisoners. The story is narrated by Paul (Tom Hanks), a retired death-row jailer, senior of a prison in the south of USA, during the times of the Depression. His job consists of guarding four killers, who are awaiting execution at Green Mile. The title comes from the linoleum corridor that divides the cells of the men sentenced to death on the electric chair. Paul meets all kinds of convicted men, but nobody like John Coffey (Michael Clark), a bulk-giant black man accused by the murder of 2 nine-year-old twin sisters.

Paul begins to wonder if Coffey is really a murderer, because his appearance hides an ingenuous and humble personality, the darkness frightening him, as well as a prodigious gift that permits him to make miracles.

The Green Mile shows us that miracles might happen in unexpected places, even in a death-row cell, where John Coffey becomes human to his guardians, other inmates and onlookers.

I recommend this film to anyone who likes powerfully moving films.