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How to Get the Job You Interview for — Without 'Interview Jitters', Embarrassing Yourself, or Being Stumped by Trick Interview Questions
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Dear Job Hunter,

There you are, your palms are sweaty, your voice is shaky and you're being grilled by a job interviewer. He or she's throwing questions at you left and right and you try your best to answer them. But the reactions on his/her face let off he's not entirely impressed with you.

How can you dramatically increase your odds of winning at the job interview?
When answering interview questions you need to be and look calm, cool, and confident. If you get our guide, we'll help you identify interview areas and possible questions; you should give natural unrehearsed interview answers — we'll deal with do's and don'ts; we'll give you some ideas about questions to ask the interviewers! Plus answers to tough situations and interview questions — follow-up letters, illegal interview questions, salary, job history questions and more!

Some of the toughest interview questions: "Where do YOU want to be 5 years from now?" "What salary are you seeking?" "Tell us about yourself." "What is your greatest weakness?" "How do YOU handle stress?" "How do you deal with difficult people?".

Job interview experts give you the information you need to shine on job interviews. So why sweat bullets on your next interview when you don't have to? It doesn't matter how weird, offbeat, or strange the question, the "Complete Interview Guide" will give you the ability to sail right through that interview and land the job.

• How do you convince the interviewers you really want the job?
• When & how do you follow up on an interview to skyrocket your chances of landing the job?
• What questions should you be asking when you follow up on the interview? If you don't know this you're chances of getting that job plummet.
• What should you expect when the job interviewers ask you back for a second job interview? Don't make the costly mistake that most people do!
• Shaky voice. Sweaty palms. Twitches. How do you handle job interview jitters?
• How to handle multiple job offers. And how to decide which job out of the bunch to take.
• What's the best way to turn down a job offer? Do this wrong, and your other job offers could be at risk.
• Stumped? Here's what you say when you don't know the answer to the interviewer's question.
• The best way to close your job interview so you leave a lasting impression.
• Got a telephone interview? Here are right and wrong methods of handling it.
• How to write thank you letters that get results.

As if that weren't enough to give you the cool, calm skills you need to beat tricky job interviewers at their game, you're getting more.

• How to explain career changes you may have had—Job interviewers love nailing people on this one.
• How to explain gaps in your work history—Another hot spot job interviewers sniff around. Here's how to skillfully and masterfully answer this unnerving question.
• Haunted by low grades? No problem, here's what you do .
• Terminated. Fired. What to do when your job interviewer starts interrogating you about it—Don't make the typical verbal slip that people make when this comes up!
• Don't want your present employer contacted by the people interviewing you? Here's what to do in this tricky situation.
• Oh no, the interviewer finds out that your salary was reduced at the last job. Now what do you do?


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