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The World - Nature - Animals at TP!

Frogs croak and they have tadpoles
Cocks, well, roosters! (cock-a-doodle-doo!), crow and hens cluck. They have chickens.
Birds (like sparrows) chirp (tweet, tweet!) and some, like canaries, sing!
Doves coo
Owls hoot and they have owlets
Ducks and drakes quack (quack, quack)
Gulls squawk
Dogs bark (woof, woof!, bow wow!), and if they want to sound threatening, they growl
Puppies (and also adult dogs when you step on them) yelp
Cats meow (meow, meow!), or purr if happy! Little cats are kittens, or kitties!
Horses and mares neigh. They have foals (male) or fillies (female), or colts.
Donkeys bray
Mice squeak
Rabbits have bunnies.
Pigs runt, squeal and squeak. They have piglets
Wolves howl and they have cubs.
Lions and tigers / tigres roar. They have cubs.
Bears growl when they get angry! They also have cubs.
Bulls bellow and cows moo
Flies buzz (and drive you crazy!)
Elephants trumpet
Giraffes, goats, sheep bleat, and sheep also baa! Little sheep are lambs.
Geese honk
Turkeys gobble
Snakes hiss
Monkeys chatter! (and gibber)
Parrots talk!!!
Hyenas laugh!!!!!