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Useful Language - Conversations - Making Comments

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Making Comments to Show You're Following

I see
I know
OK, then
How come?
How come + S + V ... ?
What for?
Why is that?
Is it? (Aux +S?)
Is it so?
Was it so?
How come? / Why?
Why is that?
Why was that?
What for?
Who with?
Where to?
That's amazing/annoying/surprising
Oh, yes, that's really annoying!
That really makes me angry
That's outrageous!
Are you kidding?
Oh, yeah, I love that!
Oh, yeah, I hate that!
Oh, honestly! (You're making me nervous!)
Is that for real? (I can't believe it!)
For real!
Not again! (Please, shut up!)
Not quite (I don't see your point/You're not right)

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