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Useful Language - Conversations - Making Suggestions and Proposals

Making & Asking for Suggestions, Proposals, Recommendations

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Making Suggestions/Proposals (don't say "Proposing"! That's asking somebody to marry you?!)

I have a proposal (to make)
I would like to put forward a proposal (formal)
I have an idea.
Listen. I have a great idea.

Why don't we go to the cinema?
How about going to the cinema?
We could go to the cinema...
Let's go to the cinema!
Come on, let's go!
Would you like to
stay over tonight? (quedarte a dormir?)

That's a good idea. Sure.
I don't know (I dunno)... I'd rather go for a walk, if you don't mind / if it's OK (with you)

Why don't we go to a Chinese restaurant? It's cheaper.
Why don't we go to this bar? It's really nice.

Looking for Suggestions/Proposals

Do you feel like going to the cinema?
Would you rather stay home?
What do you feel like doing?
What would you like to do?
You haven't said a thing. What would you like to do?

Can you recommend any places to see?
Is there anything else?
What do you think about this movie?

What should we do now?
Any ideas?
Any ideas about what we could do now? (indirect question)
Any preferences?
What do you prefer?

Making recommendations
You should go and see this place
You should visit this place. It's really nice
Don't forget to visit this place. It's awesome/wonderful.

This place is worth a visit! I loved it!
This book is worth reading. I simply loved it!
That town is worth visiting. It's really quiet and interesting
This movie is worth it!
That's not worth it! (No merece la pena)
That's not worth visiting, really.

You must - emphatic recommendations!
You must visit this place! It's amazing! Really beautiful! And people are really nice...
You must read this book! It's really interesting!
You must watch this movie! It's great! I laughed my head off! (Me partí de risa)