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Useful Language - Conversations - Checking for Comprehension

Listen! Listen to these sentences at the Talking People Podcast: Useful Language. Communicative Strategies 1

Checking for comprehension

Do you know what I mean?
(I think) I don't know what you mean
Do you see what I mean?
I don't see what you mean
Can you understand my English?
Are you following me?
Do you see my point?
I don't know if I'm expressing myself clearly...
Did you get it? (the joke)

Sorry, I can't follow you.
I'm really tired. I need to take a break.
My English is not that good!
I’m not very fluent yet!
Can I borrow a pen/ a piece of paper?
Let me mime that!
Do you mean this (gesture)?
Did you mean that (point at something)?

I’m lost. Could you repeat, please?
I didn’t get it
I didn’t catch that
I am not following you. I got lost when you started talking about (key word)
Could you speak more slowly?
Could you speak a bit louder? I can't hear
Could you repeat the part about (word)?
I understood the first part, but not the part about...
I didn't understand what you meant when you mentioned (word)
I don’t quite understand the point about…
What did you mean when you mentioned (key word)?
Sorry, I'd like to check I understood. You mean (explain what you understood)?
(Repeat the key words they said, to check)

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