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Useful Language - Conversations - Agreeing

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I agree
I entirely agree
I absolutely agree (on that)
You’re right
You’re absolutely right
I think you're right
I think that's a really good point
That’s a good point
That makes sense
Yes, that sounds sensible
I really liked what you said about…
I'd definitely agree on that (notice "would")
I suppose your right!
I wouldn't argue with you on that! :)
That's precisely my point
That's exactly my point!
I don't quite agree with you on that
I don't quite agree on what you said about...
I don't quite agree on the part about...

Sharing Similar Experiences

Yes, that happened to me too.
Something similar happened to me once.
I remember (doing) that (too).

Negociating Consensus

Can we agree on that?
So we seem to agree on that point, right?/don't we?
At least we can agree on this point, right?/can't we? Could we please agree on that?!
Can we reach an agreement now?

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