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Ana Otto's Webpage at TP

While Ana makes up her mind of what she wants to include here, have a look at her first contribution. By clicking on Ana's avatar, which will be added to all her contributions, you'll be able to come back to this page.

Ana's contributions
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About Ana Otto...

On the English Language  
check it out! Useful Linking Expressions Functional Grammar (top navigation bar)
check it out! At the Train Station Useful Language (top navigation bar)
check it out! At the Airport Useful Language
On Oral & Written Texts  
check it out! Tips for Oral Presentations  
On Society & Culture  
check it out! To find Ana Otto's listening activities with the documentary The Baby Human, check out our page devoted to it! Science
Mid-Life Crises: A man in High Fidelity & a woman in Bridget Jones's Diary Literature
Doris Lessing Literature