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Writing a Proposal (type: Solutions to Problems / Problem-solving), by michelle (2008, rev. 2013)

I'm using the assignment of Writing a Proposal to learn about the kind of text of proposals, how I should organize its content, the kind of language I need to use for that. This is also useful for Reports! Compare!

1. Considering the assignment, I brainstorm for ideas: what's the "problem"? What can I do? Then I select and order my ideas.

2. Considering the meaning of this text, a proposal, I brainstorm on language items I need to use:

3. Type of text: proposals can be found in different formats: a letter, memorandum (memo) or report
*Pick the report, if nothing is mentioned. Remember to use headings (Background Information / Introduction / (Nothing)...) NB: But don't use the heading Introduction if your intro is 3 lines because of a word limit. It's obvious it's the intro.

4. Outline – Organization of content

1. Beginning: State the problem (the mission!)
2. Suggest your ideas - not many, well-explained: idea + justification/explanation.
3. Needs - ask for what you need to implement those ideas
4. Ending: wrap things up!

We can adapt it to the assignment. For instance,

1. Aim of proposal
2. Proposal idea 1 + justification, 2 + , 3 +.
3. Assessment (Informed Opinion)

5. Gathering Useful Language (for Reports and Proposals) from Reports and Proposals I find