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Introduction to Textual Analysis 1 - Writing

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Texts can be oral or written. Here we'll focus on written texts. You need to learn about different types: their purpose, the context they are used in, their layout or format, their structure, the language they use...

You already know a lot about texts. You know what a list looks like. You know you cannot possibly write a CV/resumé using the format of an informal letter! Look at this!

Writing Assignment: Write a job application (X words).

Hiya potential boss!
I was having my morning coffee today while leafing through the paper when I found your ad. So, here I am to tell you all about myself, because I know I’m the one you’re looking for!
I was born in a little town in Oklahoma… Haha… I’m just teasing! Well, down to business: at school I was a lousy student, so I quit all that crap, never went to university -- in spite of being as clever as hell! I traveled lots and learned about life.
I can manage in all types of situations! Come rain or come shine!;D  I’m great at socializing and at organizing people’s work around me – haha – so I’d be a great manager. Think about it!
I’d love to meet you. We could negociate the salary having a couple of drinks, what’d ya think?
You can reach me at 99999999. Don’t ring too early, say after midday --  I’m a late night bird. ;)
Hope to hear from you soon!

PS: If you need references, my mum can tell you all about me!

This job-application letter has the wrong tone and language -- it’s like an informal letter! However, paragraph themes are correct, the problem is that the guy doesn’t give the appropriate information on those topics. The effect is comical, as you have probably notice. Just imagine the “potential boss”!

Task: Can you help this job-seeker? Write the letter he should have written!

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