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Read now this terrible story about Art's death... It reminds me of Castilla. In Castilla dogs are shot at if they step on somebody's field, and hunting dogs are hanged from trees when they are "no good anymore".

Neil Yound and Art

Neil Young & Art (from Rhino Records external link)

Here is Neil Young with his dog Art. This was in Malibu in front of a beach house that Neil had there for a while. This was one of his favorite dogs and Neil had just put the sunglasses on him (in the sunglasses you can see Gary Burden and I standing there taking the picture). Unfortunately, shortly after this the dog was shot by a neighboring rancher for chasing his cattle, which is sort of the unwritten law -- that if a dog chases your livestock, you have the right to shoot it. So although Neil was very upset, he understood.

Go to Neil Young's webpage here to watch his anti-war videos