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(Updated in the Spring of 2012)

Corner: Back to Homepage On the top left corner, clicking on the pair of boots, you can get to the homepage of this website (portada).

Each column deals with a general issue: you've got 6 columns: Skills, Read!, Listen!, More Help, Language, The World. Each has 4 sections:

Skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing - Notes explaining relevant issues to develop those skills.

bullet Under Reference, you'll find dictionaries.
bullet In Literature, you'll find 4 sections: a list of writers on this website, a list of short stories and of poems, and literature/creative writing workshops. (For How to Write different kinds of non-literary texts, check out Skills - Writing)
bullet In Scripts, you'll find scripts and screenplays (TV series, movies).
bullet In Articles & Other you'll find links to interesting articles and essay, biographies, etc., it's the non-fiction area.

Listen! gathers all the audio resources on this website.
bullet In Podcasts you'll find info on what they are, links to podcasts you can subscribe to for free and some podcast episodes you could listen to.
bullet In Other Audios you'll find more on that! Especially interesting are the links to World Radios, which include on-line radio stations.
bullet In Audiovisuals, you'll find our webpages devoted to movies (with screenplays and audios) and links to Documentaries, Interviews, TV...
bullet In Music you'll find a list of the musicians, composers, songwriters and singers on this website, plus listening activities using songs.

More Help
bullet How to Learn. One of the most important sections on the website. With explanations good for learning to learn, and developing skills, strategies and techniques, including creative and critical thinking and teamwork.
bullet Functional Grammar. Grammar explanations connected to the USE of the language. It includes a section on Useful Language, which you should check out and which needs contributions!
bullet Exercises. Exercises in different formats, mostly designed by TP people, but there are also external links. Send the exercises you design! Design tests, too! Hotpotato exercises of all kinds, from crosswords to test vocabulary to listening comprehension questions. It needs your contributions!
bullet Useful Language. This section includes lists of Sentences to communicate, and many of those have an audio version at the Talking People Podcast. In 2011-12 we developed the Elementary Web Page of Useful Language to help out beginners, too!

bullet Language Stories. All kind of questions from the forum and stories connected to words, phrases and expressions! Daily language, jargon and slang... Send in your contributions!
bullet World Englishes. UK and US American Englishes. Canadian, Indian, Australian and New Zealand, South African Englishes... International Standard Englishes... with audios/audiovisuals so you can learn to identify them!
bullet Spanish/English. Info on Spanish and English, on their interaction, including Spanglish.
bullet Slang & Jargon. We need people to develop this section!

The World
bullet People & Culture. A most interesting place for earthlings! It's all about people! But of course, there are more people in other sections, like Literature (writers) and Music (songwriters, singers and composers) and Movies and More (actresses and actors).
bullet Nature. Learn from animals! And enjoy learning about them! Then, we can also write about plants and other natural resources...
bullet Going Places. Section developed by students, mainly! Different kinds of work on different English-speaking communities, countries or cultures.
bullet Special Dates. A section to help you know about some dates devoted to social issues and which are not very well-known, but should be! It also includes some classic dates, though.