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Virginia Woolf (UK. 1882-1941)

Virginia Woolf

The Haunted House worddoc (1 page)
The Mark on the Wall worddoc (3 pages)
Listen to The mark on the Wall Listen!external link read at Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast

Virginia Woolf on Jane Austen external link - The TP Jane Austen webpage

Here are some questions around her essay "A Room of One's Own" (1929) external link
(If you buy the translation into Spanish, Borges's is less literal and I think the other one is better because this piece is not literature, though it's really well-written!)

Temporarily Disabled:
Green & Blue worddoc (1 page)
Monday or Tuesday worddoc (1 page)
The String Quartet worddoc (2 pages)

On Virginia Woolf external link

Virginia Woolf

The Virginia Woolf Antiexam for Básico!