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Ted Chiang (US. 1967)

Ted Chiang

Story of Your Life

1998, then in a collection of stories, Stories of Your Life and Others, 2002. It's a novella = long short story.

The movie version is of 2016, Arrival.

Post on my Language Learning from Reading external link

Audio of beginning of story at the Talking People Podcast Listen!

Ted Chiang interview external link (2002)

About the story and the movie...

Hello from Spain! Last year one of our teachers (public foreign language education in Spain, for adults) (the one who's writing, actually) found Ted Chiang's amazing novella, read it, and got so excited she told us about it. We bought a copy for the advanced English learners and this is just to let you know we're grateful to Ted Chiang for writing as he does. (It's as exciting as reading Assimov!) We're grateful to find this video you shared, too. We love how this kind of work can get people interested in topics that matter, like Linguistics! :D ;) <3 We love language at our School (in Málaga, Andalucía, Spain)! We're also very happy because we are very much concerned with Education for Equality (Coeducación, in Spanish). Our educational laws care about this. It's a crosscurricular subject. And although we're trying to get people to read feminist women writers in this framework (to help us all overcome the prejudices of century-long patriarchal cultures affecting our sensitive and malleable minds), we're really happy to find a man writer (and a scifi writer!) who does not exhibit the usual patriarchal violent view of human identity. (That's why he also reminds me of Assimov. Or Carl Sagan! In spite of the fact we're all cultural children of our cultures, like feminists, they weren't afraid of moving towards overcoming negative concepts, values and relationships.) But the story is full of beautiful things of all kinds. So thanks again. Here is the link to the recording of the beginning of the story. We'll be using it next year in class, to get people interested in getting our recommended reading, "Stories of Your Life and Others". <3 And in case you read Spanish, our "Coeducación" project is called Developing a Feminist Intelligence Salud!?