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World Wide Words external link A letter to its webmaster,
written on Oct 12, 2004:
I'm writing from Madrid, Spain. I'm an English teacher here.
I think "gizmos" comes from Spanish. Like "hoosegow" (sorry if I mispelled it!). It'd come from "chismes", which has several meanings but one is "gadgets". I didn't know who to tell!, hahahahah, so here it goes!
Thanks for your page!
michelle, Madrid, Spain
  Reply, Oct 14, 2004 Thank you for your message. It's impossible to say for sure where"gizmo" comes from, though it is first recorded in late 1942 as US Marine Corps slang. I can't judge how likely it is that there was any significant Spanish influence in the Corps at the time.
Michael Quinion. Editor, World Wide Words
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  Reply, same date

Hello again!
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Well, considering soldiers are usually poor people, and the fact that in the USA these are mostly non-whites, meaning Black people and Hispanic people, there might be a chance...
??? :)
I suppose we would have to find out if there were any Hispanic people there then...
I appreciate the information you send me. Thanks a lot!