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Course 2015-16 - Credits

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Here is a list of contributions made by C1 (Advanced) students from the public/state-run language school EOI Fuengirola in Andalucía.

In connection to the blog Developing a Feminist Intelligence, check out the...

2015-16 C1 Oral Presentations (all in the C1 playlist of this youtube channel): Herstory, Sexism & Advertising, Consciousness-raising...

From the section Vocabulary & Useful Language in Your Stuff!:

On a blog called English-speaking Women Writers and Translations:

Contributions to the Talking People Podcast:

Useful Language for Pre-school teachers, by Cristina Fernández (C1 student), and her own collaborators in the project, Nicky Jane Chapman and Antonio Calvo Ortega.

C1 2015-16 activities designed by students can be found:

contribution Yolanda H's on retelling a piece of news external link (C1, 2015-16) - video