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Your teacher's audios to download and some external links
Useful Language in Audios More Resources

bullet Listen and Repeat: Do you look the same as you did in high school? external link (with transcript); Packaged Tours vs Backpacking external link How Kawabe learned English! external link More external link

audio files! Practicing the -ed ending in sentences by your teacher (13 min)
audio files! Self-Dictations: The Greenhouse Effect (terrible reading!, actually)
audio files! Useful sentences for phone conversations: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - answering machine - answering machine 2 - phone dialogue 01 (mp3, 4MB)

audio files! Useful sentences for traveling (mp3, 16', 15MB)

audio files! Useful sentences by language functions:
Showing impatience
Possibility & Probability
Possibility & Probability examples
Saying how sure you are
Asking for / Making Recommendations
Describing difficulty
Agreeing and challenging opinions
Talking about your background
Reaching a decision / Moving on in a conversation
Describing your language ability
Connecting ideas
Sitting on the fence
Making / Responding to Requests
Asking follow-up questions
Talking about your marks
Expressing expectation & surprise
Introducing a topic and focusing
Sharing experiences

audio files! Useful sentences by language structure (Drilling and other):
That was very kind of you!
That sounds great!
Though / Although
Frequency Phrases (sintagmas)
-ing / -ed adjectives
So & Anyway
Not that late!

People talking about their life in England external link (yes, England!)

Interviews: selected interviews here, more interviews at Radios here and at Wired for Books external link where you'll find interviews to writers.

Sound Portraits external link (audios and transcripts). Listen to Ghetto Life external link

The BBC's Free Learning English Downloads external link (audio and pdf files)
Download audio and transcript on the word "gobsmacked" (BBC) external link

Easy News external link
Listen to the Instructions. If you can't, open the menu entitled "Select a category". Then select "Instructions" to listen to how to use these audios. You can listen, read and check the meaning of words!
After that, scroll downwards till you see "Easy News". Select it and keep selecting things as they appear. If you have any question, ask me.

Listening Downloads external link at the British Council Website

A list of resources connected to downloads external link