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There are some resources on the Net you can learn to use to make your contributions to this website. (This means these are not resources specifically to learn English, although you can practice English if you use them! Resources to learn English are everywhere else on this website!) If you learn how to use them while you contribute, later you'll know how to use them for your own personal and study/professional purposes! Please, choose the English version of all of them! At the beginning it's more confusing but then you learn it all!

Uploading photos, videos and audios

As you know, images, audios, multimedia presentations are too heavy to send by e-mail or host in little websites like this one. When you upload an images in any of the hosts below, you get a code that I can just paste on these web pages, or a code for forums, or an http address that you can send round! Then those images are stored in those hosts and don't occupy any space wherever you send them or put them in! These sites will help us save space in this non-profit website!

  • point Image Shack external link to upload images.
    point YouTube Videos external link allows you to upload your videos, and Vimeo external link - the same, but with more restrictions.
    point Weebly external link allows you to create a free website and a free blog, and you can also do that for a fee. Remember to change to English so you can practice your English!
  • point Wordpress external link and Blogger external link allow you to create free blogs (but posted messages can include ads, and you need to pay a fee to be ad-free), and also to download templates to add to your own site (then it'd be free and you wouldn't have ads).
    point Free icons external link Graphics for blogs and websites. Non-commerical use
    point Freeplay music external link I've got an example on the Talking People homepage
    point Free Public Domain Photos external link to create your own slides or illustrate your blog or website

    Examples of a slide show
    - in May 2012 all the slide shows we put together were lost. This has affected the Year 5 India OP at EOI Goya, located on the TP section: Going Places - The World

    This is a YouTube video my partner made... Quite philosophical!!! (Sorry it's in Spanish!)

Please, use these resources in their English version, so that you learn the language! It's not as hard as it seems, and then, you can always check the words you don't know having a look at the Spanish version (but only as Reference, not to use it!).