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Free Resources for developing the projects.

Here are ideas for projects you can take part in. You can do that in your own house, or with other people interested in getting involved in a project to keep using their English! Get in touch. Some have been developed a bit.

  • point Make Your Classmates Suffer!:designing listening activities for students to do them! More: Check out Hotpotatoes in our Exercises section
    point The Mini-Saga Project
  • point The Talking People Podcast external link: we need someone to explain on the forum how people can record audios at home, to send to me, in case we can put together a podcast episode on whatever you're interested in.
  • point The Planning a Trip Project: it involves using integrated skills - reading, writing and the oral skills, plus sociocultural knowledge and textual awareness!
  • point The TP eCampus (left-hand side navbar): just for michelle's students. It's at an experimental stage.
  • point The TP Forum (left-hand side navbar): everybody is welcome to take part. Registration is enabled. If you see it isn't, please get in touch. It could be a mistake or a temporary thing.
  • point Invited Guests: Advanced. If you need to make yourself keep learning English and you are willing to donate your time and effort, consider giving a talk at any of michelle's classes! It can be fun and everybody will benefit! You can choose your topic freely!
    point The Writing Project: it involves learning about different kind of written textual structures and their language
    point The Robin Hood Project
    point The Scripts Project (A Bit of Fry and Laurie): it involves listening, taking notes, translating
    point The Translations Project: I read /red/ Chejov thanks to an amazing translator! Have you had that experience? Tell us about it.
    bullet Spanish into English - A Project
  • point Blog Dakota in Spain external link: to learn about American Indian Nations/Peoples. You can contribute, by telling me what you want to work on for publication here, or you can post there your comments for each thread, and your petitions in the About thread.
    point Blog Our World in Spanish into English external link: your contributions would be comments to the threads I'm starting. You can write there about your things! You need to use a nick and an email, which will not be shown. If you don't write your email, your post won't be posted!
  • point Talking People Videos at YouTube external link: I'll be doing some video recording and then selecting some YouTube videos which we could use in our activities. You can do the same and get in touch with me, preferably by using the TP Forum. Or by email, but read the "e-mail ReadMe!" on your left, please.