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An 150-word piece

by Ana Belén (Y5C, 2006-07)

If I had to select my favourite place I would choose a lighthouse. One of my wishes is to spend one night in one of them. I know nowadays this is an impossible dream but I think this idea could turn into a successful business.

Lighthouses stand in amazing and solitary places, sometimes with very difficult access. Their proximity to the sea and their mysterious atmosphere turn them into exceptional sights to visit. If I could I would do them up and I would create a net of high standing hotels with only three or four rooms per lighthouse. I think lighthouses are the property of the Government and this business could involve huge profits.

At the moment I accept I can only have a lamp and some souvenirs with the shape of a lighthouse at home and I collect photographs of the lighthouses I have ever been to.

Lighthouse in Cork, Ireland
Fastnet, Co. Cork, Ireland