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About 375 words

My Ideal House
by Clara (Intermediate 1, 2007-08)

Clara, please, read it again: I included some suggestions (no corrections!) and I need to check if you agree or want me to copy what you wrote. I added a pic but if you don't like it, I can delete it, or you can send one you like.

I live in Madrid, in a three bed-roomed flat with my husband and our two children; the flat is OK but… If I were a rich woman I'd buy a new house, in the city centre, I wouldn't buy it far away.

The house would be near the underground and several lines of buses, although it wouldn't be necessary because I'd get a taxi to go shopping every day.

But it would be surrounded by a large garden with a lot of flowers and fruit trees and it'd also have a swimming-pool, so when the weather is* warm and sunny I'd lie down under a tree to read and relax and then I'd swim for a while to get fit.

My new house would have a big kitchen with an oven, a cooker, a fridge, many cupboards, a dresser,… well, all things I need to make our meals more easily, but I'm talking nonsense, because if I were very rich I'd have servants to look after my family and me and my house; I wouldn't work any more, neither at work nor at home, but I'd keep on going to my English school, because I want to speak English like a native speaker and I wouldn't like not seeing my classmates again, although on second thoughts I could see them at home, because I'd have a huge living room and I'd have a lot of parties. I think it'd be fun. However I think it'd be very tiring, too.

In my house there would be at least six large bedrooms with a bathroom, a TV, two beds, two bedside tables, lamps, carpets, pictures on the walls, a desk and two chairs, curtains, cushions… all of this in into each one!

I'd like to have a sauna too, a home theater, and a library.

Above of all I'd live in the most comfortable house I can imagine, I wouldn't spend the rest of my life in a horrible uncomfortable house. My ideal house would have a mixture of high tech and old comfortable pieces of furniture.

I think my family would be very happy in this kind of house, too.

A woman happy in her house!
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