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Useful Language - Songs for Your Grammar
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Listen and repeat
JAZZ CHANTS with useful sentences external link (from elementary to pre-intermediate)

I wish you were here (wish + pasts, including modals could/would), Pink Floyd
There is a listening activity with this song by a Y4 student at Your Stuff!
I hope I don't fall in love with you (hope + presents/futures), (Tom Waits) Emiliana Torrini

Must for deduction! - remember it is rarely used for obligation!
This must be heaven, Brainstorm

It must have been love, Roxette

People ARE!
People are strange, The Doors

Tell me why, omission of the, make people do things, (I wanna shoot) the whole day (down)
I don't like Mondays, Boom Town Rats

Another + indeterminate singular, pretend, call out, can (ability), must (deduction)
Another day in paradise, Phil Collins

Have you ever +
past participle
you ever, Offspring

, Future continuous
Every Breath You Take - Karen Souza/ Karen Souza
Every Breath You Take, The Police

Getting the blues, things getting you down...
Rainy days and Mondays, Susan Wong

Hypothetical conditional sentences
Tears in Heaven, Eric Clapton

-al adjectives
The Logical Song, Supertramp

Isabel Pérez's webpage Teaching with songs

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