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Suggested ESL & Language Podcasts - Podcasts
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Podcasts for people learning English * English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Pods
You can subscribe for free to these podcasts. Sometimes they offer learning guides or transcripts for a fee. If the transcript is free, please, don't read it without having listened to the episode first a few times!

  • point ESL Podcast I recommend this podcast to help all students to learn to speak, including Advanced students who have problems with their fluency and correction -- the dialogues are recorded in two speeds (slow, faster). Listen also to the ESL Café, there are episodes devoted to different US American towns and cities. It's free except for the Learning Guide.
  • point Podcasts for Elementary students at the British Council external link (Remember the TP Podcast - Elementary external link, too!)
  • point The BBC English Learning website it includes some podcasts and other webpages which have downloadable audios which are not pods. Also go with scripts and language work. For different levels.
  • point Breaking News With audios and TONS of exercises (listening, thinking, writing) based on radio news. Intermediate and Advanced levels. When you open the text format, skip reading the transcription!
  • point Better@English
    point English Conversations For 3 different levels, with free transcripts.
    point The English Teacher John Show external link An English learning podcast with an enthusiastic teacher who speaks slowly while explaining language points and who interviews people. Free transcripts to some shows.
  • point The Bob & Rob Show external link Weekly lessons from a Yankee and a Brit living in Japan. With non-free Study Guide.

  • point Just Vocabulary external link (for teachers!)

The TP Podcastpoint The Talking People Podcast external link With useful language (Listen & Repeat!), poems (learn them by heart), stories (learn to read them out loud), quotes and books, and a special segment for Elementary students!