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Reports describe events, people involved in them, and can add other information. You should be objective like when an artist tries to copy an object in front of him or her, or like a scientist who tries to describe a procedure. Any personal information or assessment should come after the more objective description. Reports have headings, to organize/organise the information visual, so it is easy to find the info you are looking for. Traffic Accident Reports have a special trait: you usually include your contact info at the end, so the police can get back to you. Before that last info input, and for all reports, the last section should be a Conclusion / Assessment / Evaluation / Recommendation... depending on the purpose of the report itself. More on this: My notes on Reports at Writing - Skills

Global Warming

Traffic Accidents


  • point The Orujo Festival. A 300-word Report, by Gabriel (EOI Goya, Y5C, 2006-07) - with comments