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There are links all over this little website! Anyway, here's this:


Some links for learning English
(for Our English Department 2005-6; updated Sept07)

Listening and Reading Aloud: Movies, Documentaries, TV series
point Free Movies and Documentaries external link
point Free scripts. The Daily Script external link

Reading and Listening: News
point UK. BBC external link plus interviews at BBC4 external link (articles, audio)
point USA. Democracy Now! external link plus interviews external link (articles, audio, audiovisual and transcript)
point Australia. ABC Radio National external link
point Canada. Rabble News external link
point In Spain. Vaughan Radio external link

More on this in Top Navigation Bar: Listening and Reading (Skills), People (The World), and all sections in Audios.

Reading and Listening: Literature
point Library. WorldWideSchool external link All kinds of free on-line books.
point Shakespeare external link Wired for Books. Listen to his plays and poems
point Contemporary writers. Wired for Books external link Listen to writers being interviewed and reading their works
point Poems. Favorite Poem Project external link People in the USA saying the poems they love. An example here external link (Click on photos to listen. Click on link to read.)
point Short stories. Short Story Project external link written by people in Australia
point Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast external link

More on this in Top Navigation Bar: Listening and Reading (Skills), Literature (Library).

Listening (and Reading): Podcasts - subscribe, or download some episodes
point English Students. Better at English external link (free, 2’-lessons)
point English Students. EFL external link (free + non-free learning guide)
point News. BBC Radio 4 Downloads and Podcasts external link (some free)
point News. Rabble Podcast Network external link (Amazing! – lots of sites!)
point Science. All in the Mind external link (free)
point Nature. National Geographic external link (free)
point Environment. Greenpeace external link (free)

More on this in Podcasts here, at this website.

Phonetics and Pronunciation
point BBC Learning English. Pronunciation Tips external link With audio support
point Eva Easton’s website external link With audio support
point The Audio Archive external link Listen to different kinds of accents!

More on this in Top Navigation Bar: Speaking (Skills)

Other Learning Resources

point Free On-line Merriam-Webster Dictionary external link also to listen to the pronunciation of words (US American English)
More on this in Top Navigation Bar: Reference (Library)

point BBC Learning English external link

point Writing & Grammar Reference. The OWL at Purdue external link
More on this in Top Navigation Bar: Writing and Reading (Skills), How to Learn, Functional Grammar (Resources)

point The 4 skills and Sociocultural Knowledge. Talking People

point Google Earth external link
More on this in Top Navigation Bar: Countries (The World)
More on Left-side Nav. Bar: Projects

More links...

point Practice your English with Robots
: ALICE Foundation external link (Practice with the ESL Chat Robot external link. Click also on Chat with Alice). More: Pandorabots external link

For ICT's check out Projects (Free Resources), and ICT - left-side nav. bar.